What is the difference between normal mobile phone and unlocked mobile phone?

October 25th, 2013

What is the difference between normal mobile phone and unlocked Mobile Phone? If I buy a new android mobile then do I need to unlock that phone first?

The unlocked one would be able to be used on any GSM carrier in the world. The locked one would be limited to 1.

Up to you if you need an unlocked phone or not. If you tend to travel or switch carriers often, then you should. Otherwise, no.

How to prevent my eyesight from getting weaker anymore?

October 25th, 2013

This started when I was 10 years old. My eye sight got weak by -0.5 and this hasn’t stopped yet. I am 15 now, my right eye has got a weak vision of -1.75 while my left is -1.25(of which, I suspect is getting worse nowadays). I use glasses all the time, wether it is at school or home, watching television, studying, on computer or mobile but still every year I go for an examination, I hear my eye sight has gotten worse. So, I want this to stop. I can at present see most of the things clearly even when I’m not wearing glasses, except for the long distant things, which annoys me a lot. I don’t want my eye sight to get any weaker so please can you guys suggest somethings, like anything, for examples what can I include in my diet, how much can I use my mobile/ computer, what increases stress? Anything that you consider helpful.

Plus, all my family have a very good eyesight. My parents’ is perfect. Only two out of my 5 aunts have a bit of it weak, everyone else has a perfect eye sight. I usually don’t wear glasses when I go out because I don’t want to, that’s why I want my eyesight to remain this way(though it is already very weak) so that it is not very important for me to wear them all the time. Thanks.

Visual acuity is a product of the shape of your eye. No vegetable, mineral, or vitamin is going to help that. And, since you are only 15, you continue to grow (along with your eyes). You and your eyes will continue to grow into your early 20′s and then the process should start to slow. Although, depending on your genecological makeup, you may find that the process for your eyes slows down or even reverses on its own before then. Now, if by your early 20′s your eyesight is such that Lasik surgery is indicated, you can have that procedure performed (It changes the shape of your eye). Nothing external influences your visual acuity so watch as much tv or be on your computer as much as you want.

How do mobile apps access the internet?

October 25th, 2013

I was just wondering how Mobile Apps that require internet connect like Facebook or mobile banking apps get their information? What kind of requests does the app make to a server?
For example for mobile banking, when you log in it displays your checking/savings balance. How does it retrieve that information?


Internet connections are pretty much the same regardless of whether they are wired or wireless. So your mobile app either connects to the internet via WI-FI or the mobile cellular data network. So understanding wi-fi is pretty easy. A radio link provides the connection to the wi-fi router. From there, a wire connects to the larger internet. If you are out of a WI-Fi hotspot, the connection is via the cellular radio to a nearby cell tower. Then from there to the internet. Conceptually it’s the same as wi-fi. just over a longer distance.

Thanks to the ISO 7 layer network model, the app is not aware of the differences in the connection. It all works the same as far as the app is concerned.

Mr&Mrs: Uses of mobile phone

October 19th, 2013

mobile phone Watch Kudian’ Kochupreman comedy skit in this episode of Mr&Mrs. http://www.istream.in/

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Wireless & Mobile Communication

October 19th, 2013

mobile computer Wireless & Mobile Communication

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Mobile Apps Creator , how to create mobile app

October 19th, 2013

mobile apps How to Create mobile apps to make huge money..

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How to avoid mobile phone radiation without avoiding them?

September 26th, 2013

I’m really worried about Mobile Phone radiation. i know mostly radiation is emitted while in calling but i rarely use my phone for calling, mostly i use it for internet
1) so does using internet emits radiation?
2) its it safe to keep my phone above my head while sleeping? i guess keeping it above prevents radiation to pass through my body , is it true ?
3) final question, does my phone still emits radiation even if I’m not using internet or calling but sim active?

You can avoid the mobile phone radiation by using a good quality phone and converse less on it.

How to connect mobile internet with computer?

September 26th, 2013

My friend has a computer but no internet connection. She usually connects her nokia mobile with computer by nokia pc suite and gets her mobile internet on computer. Is there any similar way to connect a samsung mobile to get mobile internet on computer?

If your Samsung phone is an android smartphone (i.e Samsung Galaxy series device), then go to settings>wireless networks. In there, you’ll find a "mobile hotspot" or "wifi-tethering" option, something like that (Depends on device). Open it up, and then go to portable hotspot settings, set a password, change the network SSID to any name you like, and save it. Then turn on the portable hotspot. Turn on your laptop’s wifi, it should detect your mobile (the same name as you had earlier set) ,connect to it, enter that password and you’ll get internet connection in your laptop.

But if you’re using a basic Samsung phone…try using Samsung PC Suite.

Can you run mobile apps on a windows 8 tablet?

September 26th, 2013

I have a tablet running on windows 8 and the app store is very limited, is there something I can get that will let it run Mobile Apps like snapchat?

Nope. Windows 8 tablets only can run Windows apps from their Windows App Store. It is not compatible with Google apps or from the Itunes store apps.

Handheld terminal for logistics, warehouse, and manufacturing, CipherLab CP60 mobile computer

September 7th, 2013

mobile computer With the most advanced features, such as LTE option, IP65 / IP67 ruggedness, 2.4 m impact resistance, and 3.8G HSPA+ with GPS tracking, CipherLab CP60 mobile computer is the handheld terminal designed for various verticals. Those verticals include transportation and logistics industry, supply chain, manufacturing industry, warehousing, field service, and field sales. Running on a powerful 1 GHz processor, along with the function of laser reader, long range laser, and 2D barcode reader, CP60 Mobile Computer is the handheld terminal perfectly for mobile workers to complete their jobs.
CipherLab, an AIDC Taiwan company provides quality products made in Taiwan for data management.

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